Web Portal works on the principle of information collection on the masters in the following areas: nails, hair, eyebrows/eyelashes, cosmetics, make-up, waxing, massage, tattoo/piercing, solarium, sauna/spa, dance, fitness. Web-portal also collects and stores information about the users of the portal.

The company Portal s.r.o., acting as operator of the Web-portal is the registered administrator of the personal data.

Each user provides a Web Portal his/her personal data, in particular, the name and last name, email address, and as well as his/her user data, in particular, the password to log in and access data to the system.

Web-portal collects and stores information in accordance with Statute No. 101/2000 "On protection of personal data and on amendments to certain laws". Personal data (name, surname, etc.) are stored on a secured server. The company Alextoria s.r.o. ( operator) is not entitled to pass substantive personal data to the third parties. All personal data is protected against unauthorized access by third parties.

To use the Web-portal effectively one must create backups of user data (for example, your password to log in). User data include data for the access to the system (IP address, date, time, pages viewed), which are saved each time you visit the Web-portal. Substantial data will remain anonymous and they are used solely for statistical purposes. Subject statistics are used to improve the quality of services of the portal The data will not be disclosed to third parties with commercial or non-commercial purpose except for providing the data to the partners of Web portal (see below).

Web-Portal has the right to transfer personal and customer's data only to the partners of Web-portal

Statement of on data protection is regularly reviewed.

The company Alextoria s.r.o. reserves the right to make changes to its privacy policy at any time and without notice, so you must monitor the existence of changes in this field. Usage of the web-site of is your consent to privacy policy of

Last update of the information in accordance with the laws as of April 14, 2016.