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Premium Categories

Here we have 2 paid premium categories: TANTRA MASSAGE a EROTIC MASSAGE. If you choose at least one of them, your ad will be published after you pay the premium fee.

Premium activation for 30 days 499 Kč

Premium activation for 6 months 2499 Kč

Premium activation for 1 year 4499 Kč

Banner Advertising
PR Articles

Publication of PR-article 2500 CZK/ one or all four languages of our website (Czech, English, Russian, Ukrainian).

If you are interested, please send a prepared article in English, Ukrainian and Russian in addition to Czech.

The article must contain up to 6000 characters, up to 3 references, maximum 6 photos. References in the article must be one topic (for example, "hair health"). We cannot change references in a published article within 2 years.

We will keep the article with links on the site for a minimum of 2 years at this price.

Link to the page with the list of PR articles:

Example of a PR article when the page is opened: