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Taneční škola Voila - Můstek (velký taneční sál)

Školská 1736/12, New Town, Prague, Czechia
Services in the field of: Dancing


We organize dance courses with principal idea to provide quality dance classes for reasonable prices. We provide classes for very beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers, kids, teenagers and adults. Approx. 10-12 applicants are accepted into any course with respect to the size of a dance hall; therefore, you are going to enjoy individual approach of our dance teachers.
First class is paid separately and costs only 50 CZK ! Anybody may try it in order to get basic idea about the course! Thereafter, you may buy transferable permanent card for 15 classes. Another option is to pay separately for each class (with additional fee).
All our dance halls take place in the city center next to subway stations (Jiriho z Podebrad, Mustek).

Taneční škola Voila - Můstek (velký taneční sál)


Taneční škola Voila - Můstek (velký taneční sál)
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