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We speak these languages: Czech, Russian, English

Since 2009 our company has been specialized in professional repairs of motherboards with power supply damage, spill repairs, damage to BGA graphics chips, iMac bridge, MacBook. We own professional iMac motherboard repairs, the BGA chip changer for MacBook.
With this repair we are able to save you up to 1/2 of the price of the new motherboard.
We perform all post-warranty repairs.
Battery is not working, wi-fi does not work, USB does not work, trackpad does not work, keyboard does not work, disk does not work (HDD, SSD), MacBook is badly cooled, polished MacBook, dysfunctional graphics chip, cleaning MacBook dust, damaged motherboard, can not turn on Mac OS, can not turn on MacBook, does not light LCD, cracked LCD, data backup and ...
We provide all post-warranty repairs of iPhone, iPad, in Prague.
Repair iPhone. We repair quickly and cheaply.
iPhone, iPad LCD replacement
faulty headphone connector
silent mode switch
the microphone does not work
faulty earpiece
on / off switch (jeep)
the battery is not charging
Apple's service is maximally operational.
The quality and speed of repairs is a basic parameter.
Koněvova 183, Praha 3-Žižkov, Česko