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18+ (for adults only) Geisha masáže

Ruská, Vinohrady, Česko
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My name is Elis and I am professional tantra massage therapist. I have been pursuing massage practice for 7 years now, having many satisfied customers in Czechia and Scandinavia.

For me, Tantra massage is a way to cultivate new levels of intimity, getting in touch with my body and learning to listen to its needs. Tantra massage also represents a method to release suppressed emotions, which we couldn't go through to the fullest, and a way to kick out of our heads and return to perceiving body sensations in a present moment - SATORI.

Massage is whole-body and holistic, it activates the most powerful energetic potential of gross-material body - sexual energy. That can be subsequently transformed into everyday fuel, if kept inside, or released by climax/orgasm during massage of intimate area - all depending on your individual needs and circumstances. Orgasm is not the only goal of massage - its more like side effect of naturally and deeply relaxed body.

Tantra massage itself represents sort of feminine approach to sexuality. Its more about progress than chase from point A to point B.

I will welcome you with smile and spark in the eyes and we will discuss the content of session while having a healthy refreshment. Massage in my rendition is tender and nurturing, intense but also relaxing, sensual and building erotic excitement throughout the session and relieving at the end.

I will make sure, that you rest like a king in my hands, in order to collect the strength and motivation to face up challenges of next day.

Break the mundane stereotype and accept my invitations to the world without prejudices, expectations and demands, where you don't have to do anything, where you can allow yourself to be who you truly are.

I enjoy giving massages and you will enjoy receiving it even more :-)

Geisha masáže


Geisha masáže
Pokud nezvedám telefon, zrovna masíruji a ozvu se nazpátek hned, jak to bude možné.:) If I am not answring the phone call, I am currently at work and I will call you back as soon as possible. :)
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