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Owning a stick with a puck.
The speed / sharpness of the hands at the time of dribbling in front of an opponent.
Hours tricks to the opponent.
Reception and transfer of the puck. Game moments on the ice and off-ice.
Maneuvering on ice.
Sharp change direction skating.
Power / Explosive / Technical / Fast / Diverse ice skating.
Throws with obstacles.
Exact and strong throws from different positions of the playing field “finishing”.
Positional game on ice for defenders, attackers and goalkeepers.
Theory / Practice games, detailed video analysis of the player.
Practicing power techniques and defense from them.
Practicing dexterity, coordination, strength, speed-strength qualities, strength endurance.
Working out fights on ice.
Psychological training.
Training for goalkeepers.
Help in finding and device players in the best leagues and teams.
Praha, Česko