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AIM Optic

Vyšehradská 422/25, Nové Město, Praha, Česko
Services in the field of: Optical stores


Glasses are stylish and useful!

AIM Optic is an optical salon founded in the best traditions of western small family business.

Here you will be met by experienced specialists who will conduct professional eye examinations and help you with the choice of glasses and contact lenses.

The optics is equipped with modern equipment for vision diagnostics from the famous Essilor company. A rich choice of frames and reasonable prices are pleasantly pleasing to the eye. In the salon you can find frames for any type of face, any shape and any budget. A definite plus is that the consultation can be conducted both in Czech and Russian by an optometrist.

In the portfolio of services you will also find: minor service and repair of eyeglasses, accessories for eyeglasses, contact lenses and eyeglass care products.

If you like branded items at a low price or just don't want to wear the same glasses every day, this is the only optician with a new project in the Czech Republic - Second Hand. The price of adult frames is from 350 to 1400 CZK.

10% of the sale of these frames is sent to charity.

And if you have unwanted glasses, now you know where to take them.

tel. 775 008 440
tel. for Russian speakers: 774 188 238

AIM Optic


AIM Optic
тел. для русскоговорящих: 774188238
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