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  • LadyPraha
  • published on 19/03/2016

Welcome to web portal LadyPraha!

On LadyPraha website you can:

For any issues/queries, please, contact: email: We will try to make your work as comfortable and profitable as possible!

The target audience of LadyPraha involves Czech, Russian and English speaking customers. Our goal is to create the most convenient and comprehensive website that brings together masters and customers, it helps to increase the number of visitors to your salon and improve your ranking among the customers. Using LadyPraha you can find new customers, promote your services on the Internet, share news about current promotions and discounts, and more.

Our portal works in 3 languages (Czech, English and Russian). Information that you add about your salon will be available to the Czech, Russian people and other foreign tourists who wish to find a suitable beauty salon, private specialist or trainer.

Our portal offers you free registration and free adding of any information.

If desired, as additional commercial (paid) promotion and advertisement of your salon, on our website you can order TOP-salon and / or TOP-discount services, place a banner advertisement or an article about your salon.

We are open to advertising and commercial offers to promote your salon and services.