LadyPraha is an online catalog of salons and specialists in the field of beauty and sport in Prague. The site helps users find the needed service and specialist in Prague. Find, compare and choose!


We offer

Salons and self-employed specialists

Salons and self-employed specialists
  • free placement of information about your services on our website. Placement term is unlimited
  • free placement of information about your discounts and announcements on our website
  • acquisition of new customers who visit our site every day in order to find the needed service, salon or specialist

All website visitors

All website visitors
  • quick and free search of any service in the field of beauty and sport in Prague
  • updated information on discounts and promotional actions of all those who provide services in the field of beauty, sport and health in Prague
  • announcements on the subject of our site
  • discussion of any topic in our forum
  • site multilinguality (Czech, English and Russian)

Why us?

Most users come to our site through Google search and Seznam.cz while looking for services in the field of beauty and sport in Prague.

Placement on the site LadyPraha is prestigious and gives profit. Your salon is shown in the catalog of Prague salons and on our map „SEARCH ON MAP“ which is the most popular site search. Search in „SEARCH ON MAP“ helps clients who are in the vicinity of your salon easily find and use your services.

LadyPraha is a popular and informative website for finding services in Prague. Every day salons and self-employed specialists join us and the discounts and announcements are added. The number of site visitors is growing by 15-20% per month. We develop the site and add some new features and functions to it that will be appreciated by you and your customers.

In addition to free functions of the site, you can give advertising information about your product to the website. Learn more about advertising here.

You can find self-employed specialists and salons that provide the needed service by selecting „SEARCH BY SERVICES

All services are divided into 16 categories and each category has subheadings. It helps you find exactly what you need. For example: „SEARCH BY SERVICES“ – Eyebrows/EyelashesLaminating eyelashes.

On our site you can find a beauty salon or self-employed specialist close to your home or work, which is very convenient.

For instance, you are looking for the place to make apparatus manicure near metro station „Křižíkova“. Select “SEARCH ON MAP.

Below select the metro station (in this case „Křižíkova“) and the service from the list (we are searching in the NAILS category - apparatus manicure). Now, among the great number of salons, you will see the ones that make apparatus manicure close to metro station „Křižíkova“.

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